2024 Edition

Erice Science Communication and Journalism International School

The 2024 edition‘s theme is:

Observing the Universe from below

October 16 – 18, 2024

(Accommodations are available from October 15th, the program starts on the morning of October 16th).

The program is based on lectures, practical sessions, and other activities, dedicated to a different scientific theme each year, and held by researchers, science journalists and communication experts.

The school is organised by INFN in collaboration with Nature Italy, the digital magazine on Italian research and science policy published by Nature Portofolio and provides 20 scholarships for young science journalists and communicators.

Themes of the 2024 edition

Communication and journalism: lectures

  • Science journalism and global cooperation
  • Visual communication: photography and reportage
  • Science communication formats: video
  • Institutional Communication
  • Science journalism and communication: trends & hot topics

Science: lectures

  • Underground physics today: neutrinos, dark matter and gravitational waves
  • Underwater: The next generation of neutrino telescopes
  • Underground and Cosmic silence: discover the INFN Gran Sasso laboratory
  • The Einstein telescope: the future of gravitational astronomy
  • The Future Big Giant: the challenge of a 100 km accelerator

School Program

Fellows & Speakers