2023 Edition

Erice Science Communication and Journalism International School

The 2023 edition‘s theme is:

What Quantum, supercomputing and AI can and cannot do for science

October 8th – October 10th 2023

(Accommodations are available from October 7th, the program starts on the morning of October 8th).

The program is based on lectures, practical sessions, and other activities, dedicated to a different scientific theme each year, and held by researchers, science journalists and communication experts. The 2023 edition inaugurates the collaboration between INFN and Nature Italy, the digital magazine on Italian research and science policy published by Nature Portofolio.

Themes of the 2023 edition

Communication and journalism: lectures

  • The future of computing through the lens of the media
  • Cybersecurity in the age of AI
  • Visual communication on social media
  • Science communication formats: podcast
  • Institutional Communication
  • The geopolitics of quantum computing
  • Science communication formats: the interview

Science: lectures

  • The big data society
  • Quantum technologies
  • Quantum information and computation
  • The new generation of supercomputers: what is happening in the world and the benefits for society
  • Big data and climate change
  • Artificial intelligence: applications and impact


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